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Volume Lash Extensions

Full, Stand-out, Bold

Full and Voluminous lashes that create the perfect lash look for clients who adore the extra look. A minimum of three extensions per lash, add body to anyones lashes.

Perfect for those who love their lashes to stand out, great for special events as they will stand out in pictures

Volume lashes tend to last longer due to the technique, so you can enjoy lush lashes, longer!

Classic Lash Extensions

You, but Better

Classic lashes are brilliant for clients who want to change the curl and length of their lashes. A single lash is applied to each natural lash, this adds length and defines the area

Classic lashes are not only great for beginners, but for those who want to achieve the 'my lashes, but better look'.

The classic lash is ideal for the client that has straight lashes, and wants a lifted look, or the client the has short lashes and want to add length.